Disaster. Theft. Auto accident. Unexpected death. When life gets tough, rest easy, we have you covered.


If something bad should happen in your life, will you have the proper insurance coverage to mitigate the damage? Insurance needs vary from person to person depending on incomes, asset values and even life styles. By making informed insurance purchases, you can insure the proper coverage is in place when you need it most. Louisiana Insurance Services can help you make the right choices, and the first step is to schedule your personal risk assessment today.




Home Insurance

From fire to theft, stay protected from the unexpected.


Auto Insurance

We can help you find the right level of insurance at a rate perfect for your budget.


Renter's Insurance

Protect your belongings while you rent.


Umbrella Insurance

Expect (or at least be prepared for) the unexpected.


ATV Insurance

Enjoy your adventures with peace of mind


Camp Dwelling Fire

Get reimbursed for unexpected destruction of your property

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance

Replace your paycheck when work isn't an option.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Peace of mind knowing your family is protected

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Long Term Care Insurance

Protect your family by protecting yourself.